Service Details

Larve of wood-boring insects such as powder Post beetles cause untold damage to furniture and other wooden articles. Infestations are characterized by a yellowish powder or frass, which falls from the tunnels excavated by the larvae and shot holes, from which the adults emerge. Most infestations can be controlled by SAP Hygien's treatment for these pests which involves injecting the infested wood with a special chemical; extreme cases however may require more drastic measures such as replacement to woodwork. SAP Hygiene's specialized service against bedbugs; the service involves the spot treatment of infested areas such as beds, matteresses and furniture and suggestions to customers on hygiene and sanitation, to prevent re-infestation.

  • The treatment can be carried out at any time of the day.
  • A completely odourless solution.
  • It is totally hassle free and safe for the occupants.