Service Details

Bed bugs are cosmopolitan pests, attacking all, whether hygiene plays a role or not. They are hitch-hikers and very common in public transport, hospitals, theatres, hotels, etc. They move from place to place along with people's clothing and baggage. During the day, Bed bugs hide in tiny cracks and crevices and feed on human blood at night since they are mostly found in beds they are aptly named bed bugs. SAP Hygiene's specialized service against bedbugs; the service involves the spot treatment of infested areas such as beds, matteresses and furniture and suggestions to customers on hygiene and sanitation, to prevent re-infestation. A through insecticide spray is given to all cracks and cevices in furniture bed joints and other fixtures, giving special attention to matters beading and folds. Since bedbug eggs are resistant to insecticide penetration, a second bed bug management treatment is followed up within a fortnight to control new hatchlings.

  • A completely odourless solution.
  • The treatment can be carried out at any time of the day.
  • It is totally hassle free and safe for the occupants.